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Give me a plate of fluorescein, I'm gonna paint an ugly scene...

Hahaha, every time I breath in through my nose, my right nostril makes this clicking noise. It's really amusing. It sounds like that sound a gas oven makes when it's trying to ignite a flame with a spark or something.
Yeah, so I don't know why I'm awake. I got on the computer to find out how in fuck's name I'm supposed to write this desicriptive essay for English, but I realized that I can just get to school really early and get my text book (which is what I'm supposed to have in the first place...) and just sit at the pillars and write it.
I really think I'm getting sick. I'm even coughing now. Too bad all the cold medicine is gone =\ I don't even know how the fuck I could get like...a cold. Are you supposed to be thirsty when you get colds?
Fuck, it's a really nice night outside. Even though the bugs are loud as fuck. I like how I use fuck as a positive interjection. But it's all 66 degrees and breezy. Weee.
Holy shit, I can't wait until Abandoned Pools comes out with their new CD. I thought they were dead or something, but they're up and active. This new song is so ccuuttee. AHHH! I can't sing along! Oh no :( Fucking cold-type-thing.
I hate bodies. Bodies like mine are too weak to do anything.
You know what sucks? Boner burned me like..2 or 3 HIM CDs, and I completely left them at her house. And then I left my cell phone and Tamagotchi at work, and it was too late to go back once I got home. Gah! What if my Tamagotchi dies!? That would suck so much fucking asshole. I have to go retreive them tomorrow after school.
Last night at Boner's house, while we were falling asleep, I remember randomly sitting up and saying to her, "Wouldn't it be funny if half the world was made of tuna?" And she said, "Haha, yeah...Then people would eat their kids' arms when they got pissed at them." I love crazy exhaustion-induced ramble.
Okay, I'm going to go paint my nails now.

P.S. I didn't really leave after my last entry. I just thought my dad was going to bitch at me, but he didn't. Just thought you'd like to know.
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