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And if your instinct's always right, how come you're all alone....anything can happen now.

Mmmhmm. Once again, no sleep for Pants. Not even when she wakes up at 6 in the morning and keeps alert the whole day. I don't understand this. I'm not forcing myself to be awake at all. It's so weird...I can sleep for hours at a time when I don't need to even when I'm not all that tired. Gahhh. Yes, I do say, "Gahhh" alot.
Hmm. So, these past four days have been a rather interesting adventure. I hung out with Adam on Saturday night at like 2 because I recently found out we live down the street from eachother. We went and picked up Sean and went to Meijer and Steak 'n Shake and got free food...kind of. Fun was had by all. I pussied out and went home at 4 because I was scared my mom was going to wake up early and I'd walk in while she was getting ready to walk the dog or something. Mmmhmm.
I really enjoy going to Wal-Mart and Meijer after 1:30 in the morning. It's all dead and boxes and stocking stuff is strewn about everywhere. It makes me feel more comfortable. Well...Maybe it's just because there's no one ever there.
And then- guess what, you'll never believe it- I went to school. At the end of the day, I had gym and it was blazing hot and stuffy as hell in the fucking gym, and we had to do these fucking...retarded relays. I'm still sore from them. My gym teacher is such a bitch. I am going to murder her if it's the last thing I ever do. All that strenuous activity made me lethargic and overheated for the rest of the day. I even got to go to work! Weee! Actually, work wasn't all bad. I brought my digital camera and took a few pictures because I'm a loser like that.
When I got home from school, my mom took me to Cingular Wireless and I got a cellular telephone. I feel all responsible now. I even have my own plan that I get to pay for. Woowoo! It's one of those color screen flip phone and it's rather fun to play with, though it doesn't have too many features. All the ring tones and backgrounds SUCK, so I spent all day trying to find cool ones. I ended up getting two Coheed ones (Time Consumer and Devil in Jersey City) and spending way more than I should have because they were from this other site. Yeah, it kind of sucks. My mom's going to yell at me when she sees the bill (Already! Hah!) even though it's my own money.
Hmm. Wow, I think I might actually be able to sleep this time. We'll see.

Sorry, I just realized this whole entry is one huge complaint. Don't worry, though, I still love you.

Yay! The tiredness is talking now :D
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