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Wow, I haven't been online in, like, 3 days. It's a fucking record.
So...I started school yesterday. I didn't sleep at all that night and I didn't sleep at all last night, either. I think I've gotten a total of 3 hours of sleep in this past 48 hours. We had to go to our SRT the very first thing in the morning, and that completely screwed me up so when I had to go to 2nd period, I went to 3rd. And those classes are on the complete extremes of the school. My 3rd period class is on the 3rd floor on the very west side, and my 2nd period class is on the bottom floor at the very east side. I've been late to almost every single class, too. I guess it's cool...'cause it was the FIRST DAY and all. I also discovered that I am rather popular. I hear my name getting called several times each passing period. It's nuts! I've never felt more important in my entire life.
I am so fucking hyper. I just walked across the street to the library since my mom won't let me on the Internet at home...because of school. Hah. So yeah. There's this guy to my left and his skin is He looks Australian. He has huge guages and he's wearing pinstripe shit. I want to run up to him and watch him over his shoulder...Hahaha. Shit, I'm hyper. I was hyper yesterday after school, too! AHH! High school makes me hyper. I made Richard drive me home yesterday because I didn't want to walk home. And uh..I have to be at work in an hour and I really don't want to. I could fucking stab someone right now I'm so hyper.
I came in late to lunch, and practically everything was taken so all that was left was this...chicken noodle shit with crunchy crap on top. So..I got that since I was insanely hungry and I only ate a 3rd of it and now my stomach hurts. I fucking hate school food. Gah. Well. Uh. Now there's an old guy to my left that's blocking the Australian guy.
OH MY GOD. Okay, during biology today, these two people were like, "I'm going to ask you a really stupid question, and I'm sorry if it's wrong, but are you on" And I was like, "Heh, yeah..." And they were like, "OH MY GOD I KNEW YOU LOOKED FAMILIAR YOU'RE THAT PANTS GIRL!!" And I'm like, "...Yeah, I am...!" And the one guy was like, "Dude, you're on the fucking cover for the AOL thing" or something like that...and they fucking knew who I fucking was! GJHGJKSHGJ! I don't even know what the fuck he was talking about but they knew my name and everything and...fuck. Heh. Yeeeah. I'm gonna find something else to do. And then I'm going to call my mom to pick me up. Because I'm not fucking walking in this...heat. With my huge pants.
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