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And if they find you lost again, what will you tell them then?

Hmmm...My sea monkeys didn't work at all. There's just a bunch of...crap at the bottom of the tank :( Fuckers! I did everything right! Psht.
I had a really weird dream last night. It was really long and I don't remember it in order, but it was really realistic...kind of. I'd type it out, but I'm pretty lazy right now.
I went to bed around 3:45, but I didn't get to sleep until like..6. My mom made me wake up early because her cousins came, and she wanted me to be polite and say hi to them and shit...So yeah, she was showing them the family portraits and she got to my individual one, and she was like, "Isn't Sharon beautiful?" And they were like, "Oooh, I thought it was Sharon Osbourne! Haha!" I just kind of looked at them and said thanks...and went back upstairs and slept until 2...and worked at 5. Well, I went kind of early because I was so fucking bored, but that's about it. Today was really fucking boring. I was overproductive at work and now my legs hurt.
I only had one thing to eat today and I'm not even hungry. Hmm...That's cool, I guess.
I miss listening to Finger Eleven. I left my CD player in my locker when I went to the high school and it has my Greyest of Blue Skies CD in I have to pacify my need for Finger Eleven with my Tip CD. Hmm.
I don't want to start school in three days. I don't even, like, have any supplies. I just have a binder and a couple pencils. Psht. Oh well.
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