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Perfect in its spledor like the currents of the weather...

Hmm. Overall good day today.
I went to the high school very early in the morning to get my schedule when I thought no one would be there. Pah, I was wrong. I had to stay for a long time because it took like 89 years to find my damn locker. We have biiiig ones! I can even fit in it. And I had to get my picture taken for my ID and it looks like shit. My hair...looks like shit. I know everyone says that, but that camera thing doesn't like me. It makes me look poopy. And I saw Annie and told her that she made me mad, and she was like, "Pants...I love you! I never knew I made you mad! I'm sorry!" And I was like, "...K, cool," and I walked around with her. Too many people started showing up so I secretly left everyone and went home. Then I took a nap until 1:30 when I had to get ready to go to OrChEsTrA campz0rz. Aaaaaannnndddd then I went to that for four fucking hours. I'm completely horrible now. I've barely played my violin all fucking summer and I suck. I feel bad. We had to play these weird games. One was like, people on the outside made a fence, and the people on the inside had to close their eyes, keep their hands on their knees, and walk backwards and try to find the opening in the "fence." The most fucked up game I have ever known to be conceived. What it has to do with orchestra...don't ask me. Hmm. Then I went to work at 6. Dude, today was a fucking fun day at work. I worked with this kid, Eric, that I've never worked with and he's awesome. His new name is Fucker. We all goofed off and acted all immature the whole day like flinging candies in eachother's faces and name-calling. Weee, I wish all days were like this. My hands smell like bleach.
Hmm ^_^ I feel goood. I took more Nyquil, but I don't feel retarded. I'm kinda tired, actually. I want Bagel Bites :o~ Gahh. And I want to lay down. Haha.
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