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Stupid assholes, no one is online. I've barely stayed in any of my classes all day today. Right now I'm skipping out of gym (yeah, I'm a hardass) and..Courtney says hi. There's still, like, 80 years until this period is over and then I'm gonna go get lunch and...yeah. I went to the libary during study hall and then got up and left for about 20 minutes because I was getting really shitty for pretty much no reason. I got a french vanilla coffee iced latte thing and...Before that I had a bagel and Hawaiian Punch. I went back to the libary and sat there and read The Rules of Attraction and everyone around me was sleeping. Then I went to SRT and had to go to biology during first session to take a quiz, but I never had the chance to get the materials I needed, so Mrs. Hallett just gave them to me and told me to take it whenever and to not forget about it. Then I waited outside Courtney's biology room for her to come out, but she never did before the session was over. We were gonna go in the elevator, but I guess we're gonna do that pretty soon. I can feel my acid reflux again and I can taste it on the back of my tongue. Isn't that disgusting? So now I'm in the libary again after I went to the nurse from gym and got a Tums. And that's about it. I feel kinda stupid today. Yesterday Christiana and I randomly decided to hang out and we walked to my house and sat in my room and drank sour apple pucker schnapps while musing about how amazing it tasted. We went to Tuesday Morning and Chaos and Carmel Music Center pretty drunk and we were talking really loudly. I thought the girls that worked at Chaos were really nice for some reason and I was going to go over to them and talk to them, but I realized that when we walked in, they got really quiet. Heh. God, I'm crazy. Well. Courtney and I are going to go in the elevator now and I'll eventually suffer to death from claustrophobia.

But that's okay because semi-soon.

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