girl (burn_likethesun) wrote, girl

Well hello again, kiddies. Don't you like how I always address everyone else as kids? I guess you wouldn't know that since I update, like, once every 342857 milleniums now. But yeah. So, I'm at school now and I'm in study hall, and since my study hall teacher (he was hired just to be a study hall teacher) doesn't give a fuck about what we do, I decided to mosey on over to the library and..find something to do. Everything else that was interesting is pretty much blocked, so...hah. I don't even know what I'm writing about. I ahve two study halls in a row since I got kicked out of that infernal AVID class. I swear, that thing only made school worse. But now I have to find another class to fill my first study hall period with so I can get credits or whatever...but I don't know if it's too late or something. Geh. I'm so awake, wtf is up with that? Yesterday I got a good night's sleep and I was fucking tired as hell and I slept in all my classes. And now when I have three hours of potential sleep time, I can't sleep at all! And I left Tursh awake all alone these last two nights and I feel really bad. Plus, I took my Concerta this morning after not taking for GOD knows how long. Maybe I should work on my English project. Courtney and I miraculously ended up in the same English class this semester and we're doing a project on the Charles Manson trial TOGETHA. Woot woot! It's actually really intersting the way he thinks/thought. I didn't know he was still alive. Maybe I'm just retarded and misinformed. It doesn't seem like he'd be alive, ya know? Damnit, why is MySpace blocked but not Livejournal? Tssh. These people. They block the weirdest things. Courtney and I found this site called on Monday and it had lots of information on the Charlie trial, but when we came back to it on Wednesday and it was gone! I was like, BITCHES WE NEEDED THAT. Shit, there's a class coming in this pod. Byebye.
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