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2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate!

Hey kids. Havent been here in a while. Huh. Wellllllllllllll I'm in Virginai with Courtney, who ID O NOT HATE. Uhm. I cant really type rtight nowa nd COUrtney wants us to go downstairs but i cannot gety up and she thinkgs I hate her! But I don't! She was sitting on my lap and i THought I was going to pass out which wioiuld have been bad and now I can't get up. EWe have yto go to Maryland tomorrow and go to the thrist store and buy styff and then go to target and get essentials and then uh go to the HardRock Cafe!!! Ow i chave a headache. Courtney is talking toher boyfrined. I dont have a boyfriend, bnut I should. But boys kinda suck beacuse they hate me. I dont' know why they do, though. Uh. COURTNEY FUCKING HATES ME DUDE. She won't talk to meeeee! Dear god, ig cnat go downstairs and now shes going to make everyone hate me.. Oh my god. i dont like being hated because i cant go donwstairs. Thats a stupid reason. OKay, i'm going to like...go be sad npw because courtney hates me. :(
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