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"They looked like they wanted to stop...but then they didn't."

So...Tursh came home from work Thursday night with this DVD that her friend gave her about like...vegetarianism from the PETA, so I was like, Hey, cool, let's watch it (WHOA overuse of commas there.) what harm can it do? Fucking shit. I don't think I've ever been so scarred or brainwashed in my entire life. It had that "Meet Your Meats" video...documentary thing on it. I watched that once in 7th grade because it was enhanced onto the Goldfinger CD, but that one was shorter and didn't have sound. This one was, like, 13 minutes long and...I freeze up every time I think about it. While I was watching it, I was seriously curled up into a ball and crying and shaking and freaking out. I fucking hate people! It's so weird because I could totally kill a person, but I couldn't harm an animal in any sort of way. Well, I don't think it's weird, but some other people seem to think differently. *ahem* Yeah, so I couldn't sleep all that well that night and Friday wasn't much better at the beginning. I was all tired, but every time I fell asleep in class, I'd dream about it.
Even so much as looking at meat makes me sick now. It's not like I'm even trying to not eat it...I just can't. Ew.
So that whole video made me want to be like...10x healthier than I am now so I made my mom buy me vitamins and I want to walk/ride bikes everywhere now.
Which brings me to my next story. Melissa and I rode our bikes to Broadripple today! Five miles there, five miles back. Probably more on the way there, because we kept getting lost and side tracked. We asked so many people, and they all told us the same thing but we just wouldn't understand. Hah. How can you lose the Monon Trail!? SO, we got there safely and all, and first thing I got was a sno cone. Fuck, that has to be...the best thing I have ever consumed in my entire life. Oh my god...Wow. Haha. Pink lemon sour, sour apple, and sour grape. :o~~ We went into this Net cafe place expecting to find food and free computer useage, but we were obviously very WRONG. So we left and found a place to hide our bikes and went searching for a food place. We found this pizza place and I got bread sticks and cheese sauce, and those were really good, too. Damn, everything is better in Broadripple! slkgjslkjh Why can't I live there?! Hmm. After that, I think we walked around looking for Metamorphosis because I wanted some new guages, but the only pretty ones were expensive as all fuck. We went into Pitaya and it looks EXACTLY like Chaos! The only reason we stayed in there was because they were playing Abandoned Pools and I wanted to listen. I really wanted to go to Broadripple Vinatage, but I had no fucking clue where it was. We asked everyone in sight, but everyone gave us different directions and Melissa was getting agitated because she had cramps. I thought we had found it at one point, but it was one of those indie...stoner...stores. I got a ring there because I felt bad just going in and asking for some other place and then leaving. But yeah! The guy there actually gave the right directions and we found it. I got this other ring there that had probably been sitting in the case for years because the tag was all faded and I couldn't read it =\ And for all Melissa's hard work, I bought her this hippie ankle bracelet that jingles. But before we went home, I decided I wanted to go back to this store we stumbled into earlier and get a shirt I saw. LOOK AT IT:

Wee. It's from The Magic Bus. The lady who sold it to me was like, "I put your lighter in your bag," and I was like, "...What?" Then she told me she gave me a lighter and I was like, "Cooool, thaaanks." Heh. And then the ride home was really painful and long. The seat of the bike I had was uncomfortable as hell (and yes, hell is quite uncomfortable) ass/crotch still hurt.
I think this is being dragged out long enough.
And this entry is long. I'm getting tired of typing.
So bye.
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