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Thanks, SmarterChild...


We had an AIDS convocation during SRT today was an hour and half long. And the guy said "lesions" like every 10 seconds. And on the big projector thing, it would say, "LESIONS" really big. Hahaha. And bright green. That was the only thing I found amusing about it...because AIDS isn't funny, even though some immature freshmans (yes, I meant to say that.) thought so. Fuckers.
Soooo. Melissa is at my house currently. She waited at Dairy Queen while I was working, and I felt kind of bad. She's sitting next to me eating her nails. Her fake nails. Fake.
I feel like I'm mentally retarded or something...I've gotten so random and crazy. Maybe it's the extensive sleep deprivation! Oh my god, I figured my own problem out as I was typing it. Rad.

I love fake arguing with people when they're actually trying to make me offended, but then I just act like a complete retard in return and laugh my ass off about it...It's wonderful. I love you, Judd. I really do. Baby.

My dad needs to go to bed.
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