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What the fucking hell, beauty supply stores fucking suck! I got home from school and started doing my homework really fast so Tursh could take me to Sally's to get bleach and blue dye, but by the time I was done and ready and asked her when she wanted to go, she was like, "It's probably closed by now."
WHAT KIND OF FUCKING STORE CLOSES BEFORE 6?! skjghkjshui!!! Goddamnit! I hate it when I get all pumped up to do something and I want to do it right then, but then it can't happen. That's almost worse than sleeping. Fuckers.
Well, anyway, the weather was really nice today. For some reason it reminds me of visiting Matt at college...and I have no clue why.
But yeah, it was a pretty good day at school. Nothing remarkable happened. I mean, come on kids, it's school. And there's veggie corn dogs waiting on the stove for me to eat them. I just felt like venting my anger towards senseless beauty supply store owners, damnit. Fuck them.
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