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Oh baby, baby.

I think I'm sick...or maybe I just have allergies. My nose is really stuffy and my nasal cavity is like...clogged.
So. Friday night, Tayler came over and spent the night. She had to stay at Dairy Queen for a few hours, but then she went home with Matt and me. Matt was here for the weekend! It was spectacular and he worked with me on Friday. Heh, yeah. Sooo yah. Then around 2am we went with Tursh to Adam's apartment and got drunk with Sean and him. That was all fun and stuff. I've never been drunk before...but it was just light beer. Like, 1.5 cans gave me a buzz o_O Heh, Sean did this impression of our boss at the DQ that was absolutely wonderful. He went into the closet, came out a couple seconds later and yells, "I'M GAAAYYYY!" Hahaha. I guess it's alot funnier when you're tispy, because it doesn't seem too funny now.
Then Saturday morning Tayler left and Staci came over a little later in the afternoon so we could get ready and go to the Indians baseball game. We went on the Monon and to the bridges before we left because we hadn't been there in forever. That was pretty fun...I guess. At the game, we just walked around and...followed/watched people. There was this guy that looked like the singer of Finger Eleven that we kept passin by that I really wanted to talk to, but he kept walking by really fast and I didn't want to stop him, so Staci and I devised a plan that she would get his attention and I would go in for the kill, but she ended up taking him over and making me look like a complete Finger-Eleven-obsessed freak. Hmmh. So uhh...we sat with this kid for a while and then Richard called, so I talked to him for an hour or so? I didn't want to talk to anyone else. We got home and made plans with these two people we know (Brandon and Brandon...they're good guys, trust me.) and we were going to sneak out and hang with them, but then Adam called my cell phone with Sean and Leo from a pay phone and was like, "Hey, wanna come over again?" Hah, so yeah. We ditched the Brandons and went over there. Leo is a really cool kid outside of work, and it was alot more fun this time around because we were there for an hour longer. They picked us up, and then Tursh came a little bit later. Fuck, Adam's puppy is so goddamn cute. We were all sitting in the dark and she was sleeping on my torso. Ahhh, I love that puppy! I want to steeealll her. We came home at 4 and Staci and I crashed on the bed.
Thennn...Staci left Sunday morning and I went to bed until 5:30. My aunt and uncle and cousin randomly came over and I wasn't aware of it. My aunt came into my room was like, "Sharrrrrroonnn, why are you sleeping??" I was like, "...I'm..tired?" and she wouldn't leave until I got out of bed. I was sitting there in the kitchen listening to them talk, and my mom told them that Tursh is a vegetarian now, and they were like, Why? And my mom told them because she saw baby cows at the state fair, and you know what they fucking did? They started laughing. That pissed me off so much. So I took my cousin upstairs and talked to him and started cleaning my room for some random reason. Then Boner started text messaging me and I ended up going over there to spend the night. We ate a lot and I made her a shirt that says "Jesus sure got a nice tan on the cross, eh?" with a huge cross on the back while we watched Jesus getting beaten on The Passion of the Christ. That is the only part I have ever seen of that movie. Oh, crazy crazy us. We ended up falling asleep while watching Kill Bill Vol. 2. Then this afternoon, we ate this chicken salad stuff her mom made, and I was looking at the huge gallon tub of mayo they had...and it smelled pretty gross, so I looked at the date. Sure enough, "BEST IF USED BY 04 AUG 2004." Gyeh. Fucking mayo, I am never ever eating it ever again.
Yeah. Then I had to work today. On Labor Day. I didn't know that didn't apply to Dairy Queen as well. It was busy as hell and there were alot of asshole-y customers.
And shit, I have to go now because I was supposed to go 15 minutes ago. KBYE.
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