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They're not very pretty...But neither are you!

Oh my goodness, I am so fucking happy and I have no clue why! Today was a really goddamn good day. Greg came home yesterday or something with his fiance, Angella and then Matt came home today with Karyn and we were all home at the same time...Gahhddd, I don't know...I feel all nostalgic now. I really miss being young and we all did stupid shit together and we were all cool. Like, I keep thinking about when we used to go to my grandma's in Maryland, and my cousin would come too and we'd go into the basement, turn all the lights off, and just beat eachother up. That was a really long sentence, but that's one of my most favorite memories ever. Weeeeee.
Hmm. So yeah, since we were all here, my mom took us all (fiances too) to Wal-Mart and got family portraits. Then we got like...individual photos taken because my mom doesn't want to pay for school pictures, and mine turned out pretty good. I got a background that's and white, and it looks like a dungeon door. It's way HxC. Then we came home and a couple of Greg's friends came over and we had a party for Matt and my mom since their birthdays are two days apart (My mom's was yesterday and Matt's is tomorrow). Staci came over at like 7:30. I love how she just walks in my house and is like, "PAAAAANTS!"
Fuck, dude. My mom is 50 and Matt's gonna be 21. Hah.
Yeah, so anyway. Uhmm...everyone I talk to that reads my LiveJournal thinks that I like Eric. I think it's because I said we were flinging candies at eachother and calling eachother names, but we were all doing that. You crazy fuckers. Eric is, like, 20. And that'd just be really weird...because we work together. =\ Eugh.
When I get really happy, I feel like puking. And killing people. Haha, it's like I always want to kill. I think I'm sadistic. Weeoo!
I got lots of cuts on my hands yesterday. The high school is full of sharp-edged objects. Not a very good place a good parent would want their kids.
Okay, I'm gonna stop writing now. Have a wonderful day, fellow...people.

P.S. Tayler, I ate tacos and nachos today! :D
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