girl (burn_likethesun) wrote, girl

I drank Mike's Bawls...and now all that's left is a blue container devoid of liquid.

Sorry, I keep making these little microscopic updates because I barely ever have time (I WILL, THOUGH, DON'T WORRY.) to like...get online and do shit and write in my journal. It really makes me angry because my mom insists that I have homework (even when I don't) and won't let me do anything pretty much. But yeah. So I'm alive and still kicking. The Homecoming dance is in...two days and I got all excited about it because this was going to be the first social event that I've gone to without Staci...but she's kind of fucking going now even though she goes to a different school. She's fucking going with Teagan, who she swore she didn't like not too long ago. And she's going to ruin everything, even though she won't really try. She just really depresses me with the way she flaunts herself around large groups of people. I hadn't talked to her since the baseball game until today when she was on the Internet. But yeah. Whatever. Maybe I'll just ignore her completely with Tayler and Boner and...whoever else. Gah. Damnit! And I was all excited to go without her being there :(
Fuckin' balls.

Well, kids, maybe I'll get on later tonight and write a big long entry about everything! With pictures! Woohoo!
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